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Innovation and Design for Homes encourages planning and design.  Regional best practices can be shown to produce quantifiable environmental and human health benefits.

  • Integrated Project Planning
          ID 1.1:  Preliminary Rating
          ID 1.2:  Integrated Project Team ( 1 point)
          ID 1.3:  Professional Credentialed with Respect to LEED for homes (1 point)
          ID 1.4:  Design Charette (1 point)
          ID 1.5:  Building Operations for Solar Design (1 point)
  • Durability Management Process
          ID 2.1:  Durability Planning
          ID 2.2:  Durability Management
          ID 2.3:  Third Part Durability Management Verification (3 points)
  • Innovative or Regional Design - additional green design measures that have tangible and demonstrable benefits beyond those in LEED for Homes Rating System.
           ID 3.1  Innovation 1 (1 point) - Prepare written report
               1.  Intent of proposed measure
               2.  Proposed requirement for compliance
               3.  Proposed documentation to demonstrate compliance; and
               4.  Description and an estimate of the benefit or impact provided by
                    the proposed measure.

           ID 3.2  Innovation 2 (1 point)
           ID 3.3  Innovation 3 (1 point)
           ID 3.4  Innovation 4 (1 point)

Synergies and Tradeoffs:  A project can also receive 1 LEED point for exceeding the performance requirements of existing credits.

Above information from LEED for Homes Reference Guide 2008.  Please refer to manual for complete explanations.
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